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We will use our cultivated leadership to contribute to the development of local communities.

Throughout the 50 years since the foundation of the fitness center in 1970, Tokyo Athletic Club has cultivated a great deal of knowledge and know-how about sports facilities, including the development of a variety of programs that can accommodate a wide range of ages from infants to the elderly, the development of human resources who are seriously committed to health development, and management and management techniques.
Having such unique know-how, we are now entrusted with many public sports facilities. Health-building carried out in close contact with society is said to play a role in the development of the community and has received high praise from government agencies.

Designated administrators/management and operation of public sports facilities

  • Since the designated manager system came into effect in 2003, Tokyo Athletic Club has been among the first to enter a new business stage called "designated manager" and has been involved in the management and operation of more than 50 public sports facilities nationwide.
  • In each designated management facility, the largest characteristic of Tokyo Athletic Club, "a wide variety of programs that can handle a wide range of ages from infants to the elderly" is injected to the maximum, contributing to the "development of lifelong sports" of the local community.
  • Tokyo Athletic Club has also established a system for checking the performance of designated management operations, with the recognition that the business plan is "manifest," and has received high praise from many government agencies and users for its sincere management attitude.

Nakano City Saginomiya sports community plaza

Toride Green Sports Center

Hamamatsu City Hamakita Hot Pool

Ikoma City Ideyama sports facilities

Suginami City Eifuku Gymnasium

Edogawa City Sports Center

Suginami City Kamiigusa Sports Center

Shinjyuku City Shinjyuku Sports Center

Business of PFI (Private Finance Initiative)

  • Tokyo Athletic Club has participated in the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) project, which is a new method of utilizing private funds, management capabilities and technical capabilities to construct, maintain and operate public facilities, and designs projects such as reducing business costs at government agencies and providing higher quality public services.
  • The operation of Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena in Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture, was started in June 2019.

Kamisu Disaster Prevention Arena in Kamisu CityKamisu Disaster Prevention Arena in Kamisu City

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