Corporate Outline


Corporate Outline

Name Tokyo Athletic Club Co., Ltd.
Abbreviation TAC
Established February 6, 1969
Head office 2-14-16 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Osaka Branch 2-33 Fudegasakicho, Tennoji-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Sendai Branch 1-20 Taishido, Taihaku-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi
Kumamoto Branch 2-6-6 Hanatate, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Aso Branch 4633-5 Miyaji, Ichinomiya-cho, Aso-shi, Kumamoto
Capital Stock 50 million yen
Company Representative Chairman Takashi Masamura
President Hiroto Masamura
Number of Employees 1,278 (entire TAC group) [Employees : 354, Part-timers 924]
Company Business
  • Operation of membership fitness centers
  • Management consulting of physical education businesses
  • Development of catering industry
  • Entrustment of corporate fitness activities
  • Operation of sports kindergartens
  • Plan/operation of outdoor recreation
  • Entrustment of operations of public health centers
  • Development/sales of healthcare systems
  • Operation of culture classes
  • Operation of various exercise schools
  • Development of direct management sports club
  • Operation of authorized childcare facility
  • Development of assisting people in their daily lives
Public Qualification of Facilities
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Promotion Company 2019 Certification
  • Hearth promotion facility by the Minister of Hearth, Labor and Welfare
  • Physical therapy facility designated by the Minister of Health Labor and Welfare
  • Facility enrolled with swimming teacher authorized by Japan Sports Association
  • Privacy Mark issued by Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community
  • Security Service of Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission
Main Business Connections & Clients
  • General consumers
  • National public government offices
  • MUFG Bank, Ltd.
  • Tsukuba urban Development Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo metropolitan government employees benefit association
  • East Japan Railway Company
  • JR East Urban Development Corporation, Others.
Correspondent Financial Institutions Japan Finance Corporation (Shinjuku branch) Shoko Chukin Bank (Shinjuku branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking (Shinjuku branch) Kiraboshi Bank, Ltd. (Kasugacho branch)
Seibu Shinkin Bank (main branch) The Johnan Shinkin Bank (Nakano branch)
Higashi-Nippon Bank, Ltd.(Shinjuku branch) The Sugamo Shinkin Bank (Nakano brunch)
MUFG Bank, Ltd.(Nakano Ekimae branch)
TAC Group TAC Consultant Co., Ltd.  
TAC Life Support Co., Ltd.
Fitness Link Japan Co., Ltd.

Emblem & logo font


Our emblem was designed as the symbol of our club with the theme of “Health and Sport” in mind. This emblem is a splash of water that can be made on the surface of water by swimming powerfully and shows an abstract figure in the shape of a youthful physique dancing lightly. Fitting as the emblem of a club that makes healthy lives, it features a moving, dynamic design.

Logo Font

The TAC font, with its crisp and clean outline, is our logo font. It vividly expresses the sense of activity and rhythm of sport.

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